Our goal is to create fun, easy to play games, that you can play when you only have a few minutes to spare!
All of our games are kid friendly as well, and perfect for keeping the young ones occupied for a bit.

We welcome any feedback aimed at helping us to improve these games, 8^)

All games are available On Google Play.

Selected games are available in the Amazon App store.



Space Bowl 3D

Bowl your perfect game, while relaxing images of space display in the background.

Road Rally

It’s a solo Race to the Finish. Race through the desert and collect coins and power ups to fuel your way, while avoiding the numerous obstacles.

Shonda’s Monkey Mayhem

Monkeys are causing Mayhem for our Penguin pal. Shoo them away with cookies.

Shonda’s Cookie Crush

Crush the Cookie Bricks by bouncing Chocolate Chip Cookies at them.

Shonda’s Sea Safari

Protect the Baby Seals by keeping the predators away.