Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

The following is the privacy policy for Gold Signet.

All games are created with the intent to be standalone games, and as such require no personal or sensitive information.

In addition, these games are designed to be family friendly and played by users of all ages.

The games have enabled the Google AdMobs advertising module, and will typically display an ad at the end of the game.

Ads have been filtered to be kid friendly.

The only privilege that the game requires, is network access, in order to query Google for an ad to display.

Our software will never ask for access to anything such as cameras, audio recording, GPS location or other privilege, nor will our software ask for private information such as name, address, or credit card numbers.

If for any reason, a game ask for excess privilege, or any ad is displayed that is not child safe, please contact us at: so that we can investigate the issue.